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So, head into Hotel Kupari to see what @artistrash and his friends have in store for you. Check this if you are ready for more #readyformore #chuckII

¨Spanish street artist Francisco de Pájaro creates delightful artwork out of rubbish he finds around the city at night, with the intent to make you smile.¨

“El street art es protesta; es un arte salvaje; es el más directo.”

¨...makes art out of garbage piles left on the street. He's built a huge following making little trash monsters in London...¨

“...Art is Trash is a provocation, it’s pushing the extremes of what people expect.”

¨I am obsessed with this street artist that’s been popping up in the blogosphere lately.¨

¨Spanish artist Francisco de Pajaro makes stunning, ephemeral sculptures from rubbish he finds lying around. Why?¨

'Art is Trash' is not just a play on words as he sincerely believes that art should not be so important and that to feed "the hungry poor is worth a thousand works of art".

¨We’ve already had piles of bricks, dead animals in fish tanks and unmade beds – but now modern art really is rubbish.¨

¨Art is Trash is so contemporary; his work gets removed the following morning. Epitomizing the fleeting existence of street art, he creates a motley crew of weird and wonderful characters out of the rubbish he comes across on the street.¨

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